Phoenix rebrands to Daisy and launches a new generation of business continuity services

Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2015 09:29

Phoenix, the UK Business Continuity provider, has announced that it has rebranded as Daisy. The company was acquired by the Daisy Group in July 2015 and has now taken the next step of consolidating under the Daisy brand. At the same time the portfolio of business continuity services previously provided by Phoenix has been overhauled and extended , offering what the company says is an evolution to the next generation of business continuity planning, protection and recovery services.

According to Mike Osborne, Daisy’s managing director of Strategy & Business Continuity, the requirement to evolve business continuity services is being driven by changes in the market place. Disruptive new technologies such as hybrid IT, the mobile interface, cloud provisioning and the ever increasing demand for data, coupled with the changing attitudes of consumers, stakeholders and regulators to downtime, have resulted in new risk profiles and increased recovery expectations.

“Many companies have outdated plans that don’t cover this technology shift and many simply can’t recover quickly enough to meet the customers’ expectation. The ability to understand the exposure a business has to new risks is now critical for effective business continuity planning in the converged and hybrid IT world,” says Mr. Osborne.  “Adopting a strategy for resilience and, ultimately, recovery that encompasses these risks, will allow businesses to safely take advantage of new world solutions.”

New risks and new resilience strategies need new solutions from business continuity providers and Daisy is taking a lead to meet this requirement. Updates announced alongside the rebranding include: