Reskube launches fund raising campaign on Fundable

Published: Thursday, 10 March 2022 10:27

Reskube Ltd, a company led by UK business continuity market veterans Andrew Lawton and Paul Barry-Walsh, has announced that it has commenced a funding push via

Reskube Ltd currently offers The Reskube, an enterprise grade remote-working resilience and support solution, which has seen early traction with financial services and media companies. It was launched to provide a simple and effective business continuity solution for remote workers.

Funds raised through the current campaign will be used by Reskube to expand operations outside of the UK, hire key staff, and continue the development of further iterations of Reskube:

Andrew Lawton, CEO of Reskube Ltd, said: “Working from home is here to stay, meaning that businesses face growing risks to their operations as power and network outages threaten critical and day-to-day work. We are finding that 5 percent of home workers are doing time-critical or high value work – that equates to roughly 470 million hours a year where any sort of outage would have a severe impact. We already have a number of key financial services and media companies committed to using Reskube to ensure their key staff can work uninterrupted while at home and to support global demand we will be launching in the US, Europe and India later this year. Our vision is for connectivity to be constant, secure and seamless for every single remote worker everywhere.”

Reskube’s Fundable listing can be seen at