New guidance: ‘Directing risk management in organizations’

Published: Thursday, 25 August 2016 12:23

The Centre for Risk Research (CRR) has published a guidance document to support company directors and others who oversee the development of risk management in organizations.

‘Directing risk management in organizations’ draws on the Centre’s past work contributing to standards and guides, and on its research and consulting experience.

The guide provides practical criteria that directors can apply to evaluate the overall scope of risk management development initiatives in their organizations, and the approach taken by each individual initiative.

The criteria focus on common weaknesses and go beyond the issues usually covered by regulations on risk management. The overall aim is to replace low-impact, bureaucratic initiatives with focused, high-impact initiatives selected from a much wider range of possibilities, fuelled by expertise and creative ideas, but objectively evaluated and guided by evidence as it emerges.

Directing risk management in organizations can be obtained from here.