UK Parliament committee hears of supply chain risks linked to hard Brexit

Published: Tuesday, 21 November 2017 12:09

A hearing of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee of the UK Parliament has heard from the aviation sector concerning the potential impacts of Brexit.

Meeting on the morning of Tuesday 21 November 2017, the committee heard from Simon Henley, President-Elect, Royal Aeronautical Society; Katherine Bennett, Senior Vice President, Airbus UK; and Paul Everitt, Chief Executive, ADS Group.

Many concerns were raised over sector specific arrangements which would be affected by Brexit, particularly by a so-called ‘hard Brexit’ where the UK leaves the European Union without an agreement being in place.

Of particular concern to the wider market was a confirmation to the committee that a hard Brexit could result in flights between the UK and Europe being grounded for an unknown period of time. Such an issue would have major impacts for business supply chains; especially for companies that are operating just-in-time systems.

The statement echoed a similar warning given by Ryanair chief financial officer, Neil Sorahan, in April 2017. Mr. Sorahan stated that airlines may have to suspend flights between the UK and the EU for ‘weeks or months’ if Brexit negotiations on international aviation result in no agreement.

A replay of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee hearing can be accessed here.