GDPR Preparation and Challenges Survey Report explores overall industry preparedness

Published: Monday, 23 April 2018 07:41

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has published the results of its GDPR Preparation and Challenges Survey Report, which was commissioned by Netskope to assess the preparedness of organizations across a wide spectrum of industries to meet the May 25th deadline.

The survey collected over 1,000 respondents, addressing GDPR challenges in their organizations in such areas as their ability and confidence to achieve compliance; what organizational plans they have in place; which technology solutions and mechanisms are being used to meet GDPR requirements; what they consider to be the most challenging elements of GDPR in terms of compliance; and the impact of GDPR on company plans for the adoption of new technologies, provider relationships, and budgets.

Among the report’s key findings are:

The survey questionnaire was distributed from January 25th to February 21st 2018, and collected a total of 1,129 respondents.

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