EIOPA report finds that gaining a deeper understanding of cyber risk is a core challenge for the European insurance sector

Published: Tuesday, 07 August 2018 11:36

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) recently published a new report ‘Understanding Cyber Insurance - A Structured Dialogue with Insurance Companies’.

The report says that cyber risk is a growing concern for institutions, individuals, and financial markets. In less than five years, it has surged to the top positions in the list of global risks for business. The increasing number of cyber incidents, the continued digital transformation and new regulatory initiatives in the European Union are expected to raise awareness and to boost the demand for cyber insurance.

With the stand-alone cyber insurance market located predominately in the United States and only a fraction of the total market in Europe, available reports and surveys focus on the global or the US insurance market. So far, very little attention has been paid to the European market. One of the key findings of the report confirms this fact, namely the need for a deeper understanding of cyber risk, which is a core challenge for the European insurance industry.

This challenge generates or fosters other challenges, such as improper treatment of non-affirmative risks and difficulties to quantify risks, among others.

Read the report (PDF).