Survey of corporate leaders finds that executives’ lack of proper risk governance is putting their businesses in jeopardy

Published: Wednesday, 23 January 2019 10:04

Company executives are not adequately identifying and preparing for risks that can have potentially catastrophic implications on business operations, according to DuPont Sustainable Solutions’ (DSS) annual global survey of company executives.

The findings of the DSS 2018 global operations risk management survey of executives show that while there is general agreement and acknowledgement among participating executives of important characteristics of a successful risk management program, leaders are failing to implement those characteristics in their organizations. This failure is manifesting in the following ways:

DSS’ annual global risk management survey of executives benchmarks and measures the maturity of operational risk management programs in companies across numerous industries, and examines the challenges they face in effectively managing risk to improve business performance. Executives from more than 350 companies participated in the survey, which was conducted between May and August. One-half of survey participants (52 percent) were senior executives (CEO, CFO, etc.) and one-half (48 percent) were from the executive director level. Sixty percent of participating companies are in high-hazard industries such as mining and metals, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Roughly two-thirds of participating companies have a global presence. Forty-four percent are headquartered in North America, 27 percent in Asia-Pacific and 24 percent in Europe.

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