Heightened security threats, civil unrest and geopolitical instability to be top disruptors to the mobile workforce in 2020

Published: Tuesday, 19 November 2019 10:35

International SOS has published its 2020 risks forecast and the results from the ‘Business Resilience Trend Watch’, a survey of over 1,300 business travel decision-makers run in partnership with Ipsos MORI.

Top 10 health & security risks: 2020 forecast

International SOS has brought together a group of representative experts of all health, security, and safety fields relevant to the risks of travelling and work abroad to form the Travel Risk Management (TRM) Council. Combining the expertise of the TRM Council and International SOS, the forecast for the Top 10 Health & Security Risks that organizations should be prioritising in 2020 are:

Business Resilience Trends Watch survey findings

Results from the ‘Business Resilience Trends Watch’ reveal the top reasons business travel managers expect to change itineraries in 2020, as 51 percent believe that health and security risks increased in the past year and 47 percent anticipate risks will rise in the coming year:

The top areas of increasing threat are:

Along with these top disruptors, organizations are predicting major increases in the likelihood of having to modify traveller itineraries due to:

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