BPRIM: An integrated framework for business process management and risk management

Published: Monday, 17 February 2020 14:29

Researchers from the universities of Toulouse, Sousse and Vienna and from Abamix Consulting have jointly developed BPRIM, the Business Process-Risk Integrated Method framework. This is aimed at providing the first formal framework to help organizations integrate business process management and risk management.

The researchers say that enterprise engineering deals with the design of processes which aim to improve the structure and efficiency of business organizations. It develops approaches based on modeling techniques, particularly on business process modeling, to ensure the quality and the global consistency of enterprise strategies and expectations. Nowadays, risk consideration in enterprise engineering is a growing concern since the business environment is becoming more and more competitive, complex, and unpredictable. To face this concern, a paradigm named risk-aware business process management (R-BPM) has recently emerged. It seeks to integrate the two traditionally isolated fields of risk management and business process management. Despite the significant benefits that can arise from the use of R-BPM, it suffers from a lack of solid scientific foundations and dedicated tooling.

BPRIM seeks to bridge the above gap, assisted by a dedicated tool, named ADOBPRIM which the researchers have also developed. This supports the ‘efficient application of the BPRIM framework’.

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