Employee mental health issues could be a significant risk for organizations in 2022

Published: Wednesday, 08 December 2021 09:06

Organizations worldwide are set to increase investment in employee health. That’s the findings of the International SOS Risk Outlook 2022. The report and updated global risk maps also signal that organizations are grappling with an increasingly complex risk landscape.

A survey of nearly 1,000 risk professionals across 75 countries, coupled with insight from the Workforce Resilience Council and International SOS proprietary data, indicates that both mental and physical health support will see increased investment in 2022. Over half (56 percent) of organizations intend to increase spending on both.

Organizations are facing a dual challenge on the health front. Along with the physical aspects of COVID-19 safety, the pandemic has significantly contributed to a mental health crisis. Over a third of respondents (36 percent) expect mental health to cause a significant decrease in productivity in 2022.

The need for increased investment comes as organizations expect to face increased risks in 2022. Over two thirds (68 percent) of organizations anticipate risks to increase or stay the same next year. In particular, decision makers responsible for business travel (69 percent) and international assignees (67 percent) expect risk levels to increase or stay the same in 2022.

The top five expected causes of employee productivity decreases in 2022 are:

Five predictions for 2022

Drawing on the findings of the Risk Outlook survey, the Workforce Resilience Council and the organization’s proprietary data, International SOS’ top five predictions for next year are:

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