Gartner Survey highlights Q1 emerging risks

Published: Friday, 22 April 2022 07:43

Gartner, Inc.’s latest Emerging Risks Report, which surveyed 330 senior executives in the first quarter of 2022, has highlighted what enterprises are seeing in the changing risk landscape.

The current top five risks by overall risk score and frequency are seen as:

 Score Rank

Risk Name

Impact Score

Timeframe Score



 New Ransomware Models





 Postpandemic Talent





 Supply Chain Disruptions





 Inflationary Pressures





 Macroeconomic Downturn




(N = 330, Source: Gartner, April 2022)

A macroeconomic downturn has moved into the top five risks among senior executives and has significant implications for enterprise risk management teams who may have initially planned for a more aggressive organizational risk posture this year in anticipation of an economic rebound and diminished impacts from COVID-19.

“ERM leaders must work with their business partners to reset many assumptions that occurred before the outbreak of war and confirmation of aggressive quantitative tightening,” said Shinkman. “Without adjusting plans for these new realities, organizations face an appetite risk balance that could see them taking either too much risk, or otherwise being unprepared for opportunities presented by a downturn.”

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