RIMS 2015 Compensation Survey provides benchmarks for risk management salaries

Published: Wednesday, 09 December 2015 11:00

The bi-annual survey provides detailed compensation analysis by industry, location and position for virtually all risk professional positions. The survey also explores education, experience and demographical data’s impact on compensation , as well as benefits and additional cash compensation programs available to practitioners.

Compared to RIMS 2013 Compensation Survey, key findings include:

“No matter the maturity of an organization’s risk management program, understanding the cost of employing specialized personnel is critical to any senior leader’s decision-making process,” said RIMS President Rick Roberts.  “Additionally, RIMS Compensation Survey is a great resource for all of our members, especially those who are looking to build their teams or advance their own careers.”

The survey was conducted by email and disseminated to qualified professional RIMS members. It comprises data from 1,145 completed surveys submitted by full-time risk professionals and offers findings for seven different risk management job titles. RIMS 2015 Compensation Survey incorporates data from 999 risk professionals in the United States and 143 in Canada.
RIMS 2015 Compensation Survey is available to both members and non-members. To order a copy, visit www.RIMS.org/RIMStore. Survey contributors are entitled to a complimentary copy of the survey’s Executive Summary. The full survey is $30 for contributors; $250 for member/non-contributors; and $500 for non-member/non-contributors.