Risk and resilience in a perfect storm: Facing the future together

Published: Wednesday, 15 June 2022 09:50

Airmic has published the results of its annual survey in the report ‘Risk and resilience in a perfect storm: Facing the future together’. This explores three themes – cyber, ESG and people – to see how risk professionals and their organizations are responding to them. The report also looks at how organizations can build resilience – in the context of a world where managing emerging risks and understanding systemic risks will be key.

The report has been produced by Airmic in collaboration with Control Risks, KPMG, Marsh, QBE, and Sedgwick, and is based on 138 responses gathered in a survey conducted from March to May 2022.

The survey ‘affirms that risk professionals are fired-up with the ambition to step up, lean in, and take the responsibility to support their organizations. This isn’t a new ambition, but it’s never been a more urgent one. Connected risks from outsourcing, global business models, and global supply chains, have resulted in a dramatic expansion of the geographic footprint and an increase in exposure to geopolitical risks for many organizations’.

Looking at issues facing organizations, the report says that the current ‘turbulence’ is not going to ease and the perfect storm will quicken and continue to gather force.

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