BlackBerry launches improved platform for AtHoc crisis communications solution

Published: Thursday, 09 June 2016 08:43

BlackBerry has announced that AtHoc, a division of BlackBerry, has released a new version of its crisis communications platform. New capabilities give AtHoc customers additional pre-planning resources and automated processing of crisis communication activities , to help resolve critical incidents with less manual intervention and fewer improvised, on-the-spot decisions. It also assists staff members in preparing for a wider range of emergency scenarios more easily, and in responding to crises faster with fully-automated business rules, outreach, and response.

"Critical events are inherently complex, and our customers have been asking for faster and more efficient ways to manage their crisis communications," said Joseph Ng, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategy at AtHoc. "They want to be able to customize their workflow so that users understand the nature of threats sooner, and alerts are escalated faster. It's all about business continuity and resilience, and we are proud to address those needs directly with this new release from AtHoc."

Enhancements include: