Business continuity planning application for community banks and credit unions launched

Published: Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:16

Safe Systems has announced the availability of its new BCP Blueprint business continuity planning application for US for community banks and credit unions.

BCP Blueprint facilitates and streamlines the business continuity planning process to help community financial institutions meet regulatory expectations and recover from possible disasters in a timely and efficient manner. BCP Blueprint eliminates the burden of having one individual in charge of developing the entire business continuity plan by helping financial institutions move to a more collaborative enterprise-wide process.

The application easily guides banks through the enterprise modeling process by helping the BCP administrator outline key activities, services, and applications. Administrators then assign their department heads tasks such as evaluating risk, determining appropriate recovery times, and detailing alternate procedures for critical functions. The BCP administrator can then review this pool of provided information to determine the appropriate recovery priorities and rank the importance of underlying interdependencies.

With BCP Blueprint, banks can perform a business impact analysis more efficiently, identify major categories of risk, and determine maximum allowable downtime, recovery time objectives, and recovery priority benchmarks.