Digium, Inc., has announced its newest service offering, Switchvox Rescue. Switchvox Rescue provides Switchvox on-premises business phone system customers with a business continuity solution to protect against unexpected downtime of their phone system.

Switchvox Rescue takes advantage of cloud technology to restore a customer's business communications in minutes, requiring only a single phone call to Digium to enable the recovery process. It works together with a customer's on-site Switchvox phone system to maintain a recent copy of the Switchvox configuration at a DCS secure data center. In the event the Switchvox premises-based appliance is unavailable for any reason, Digium will restore the configuration to a Switchvox Cloud system at DCS.

Switchvox Rescue customers can access their rescued system from anywhere through the same award-winning, browser-based, interface that Switchvox customers enjoy in their main system. Rescue also allows users to utilize the advanced call routing options built into Switchvox to play recorded messages, take voicemail, and route calls to mobile or landline phones.