RiskLogic launches CQCommand: crisis intelligence at your fingertips

Published: Thursday, 21 May 2015 08:02

RiskLogic has announced the launch of CQCommand, the intelligent online crisis management software platform that empowers business continuity and risk managers and their leadership teams to make the right business decisions during a crisis.

CQCommand has been purpose built by RiskLogic to provide an online crisis management software platform that helps management teams manage crisis events, build situational awareness and collaborate and communicate. Ultimately, it supports an organization’s ability to effectively manage the impacts of crisis events on people, reputation, market share, regulatory compliance and financial stability.

RiskLogic’s Director, Joshua Shields, says “CQCommand is a game-changer. It helps RiskLogic deliver on its mandate to build the crisis leadership capabilities of organizations to significantly improve their outcomes during a crisis. This we call Crisis Intelligence. We are pleased to be able to empower our clients with an online tool that brings crisis intelligence to their fingertips”.