NetJapan releases ActiveImage Protector 2018

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017 09:13

NetJapan, publisher of disk imaging backup, system disaster recovery, and virtualization software, has announces the release of ActiveImage Protector 2018. NetJapan’s virtual standby availability technology, vStandby, is now integrated into ActiveImage Protector. Combining both image backup and VSA provides greater value by incorporating the convenience of point-in-time switch-over, and dynamic recovery in a single solution.

NetJapan’s Virtual Standby Availability Technology, creates and maintains dormant point-in-time Virtual Standby Replicas (VSR) of physical or virtual source machines in Hyper-V or VMware environments, and are ready for use; ensuring business continuity.

ActiveImage Protector 2018 includes task tools for verifying backup integrity and bootability, and consolidating backup images, via post-backup processing. NetJapan’s BootCheck provides confidence that your backup images are bootable, whether restoring or virtualizing.

New features