Asigra integrates cyber security into Cloud Backup v14 to defend against ransomware attack-loops

Published: Thursday, 17 May 2018 08:59

Asigra Inc has announced the release v14 of Cloud Backup ‘Evolved’ to address the growing challenges of modern data protection. The company’s newest generation of software converges data protection and cyber security to counter rapidly growing malware threats, including ransomware attack-loops, which target backup data to prevent successful recoveries to force a ransom payment.

While proper employee training and preventative IT security measures are necessary to securing the corporate network, the last line of defense is the protection of recovery data from what is now termed ransomware attack-loops. An attack-loop occurs when hackers insert executable code within the organization’s backup data. When an attack occurs, both primary and secondary data are impacted, preventing the possibility of a clean recovery. To hide the code in the backup set, hackers insert the malware into data objects and other techniques which are backed up and stored in the company’s secondary storage repository. After a time-delayed detonation, the company restores a pre-attack generation of data only to realize that the recovery data re-inserts the ransomware in to the network, recreating the ransomware for a perpetual loop of attacks.

Asigra Cloud Backup Evolved converges data protection and IT security for effective malware detection that ensures safe, secure and reliable backup and data recovery. The enhanced platform includes the industry’s first zero-day attack-loop preventative technology using bi-directional malware detection, zero-day exploit protection, variable repository naming, and two-factor authentication for a full defensive suite against advanced ransomware and other cyber-attacks on backup data. This is complemented by FIPS 140-2 certification and military-grade data encryption to ensure enterprise-class data security.

Other new capabilities in Asigra Cloud Backup Evolved include: