Tenable launches solution to help secure critical infrastructure across converged IT/OT environments

Published: Monday, 25 June 2018 09:02

Tenable, Inc., has announced a new solution designed to reduce cyber security risk across today’s converged IT/OT environments. Enhancements to the Tenable.io platform and Industrial Security enable organizations to manage cyber exposure holistically across IT and OT and effectively prioritize remediation based on the criticality of the asset and the vulnerability.

OT and critical infrastructure systems were initially designed to work in isolation from the network and walled off from outside cyber security threats. But digital transformation has turned these once-isolated systems into connected devices, making them high value targets for attackers. In fact, attacks on OT assets often start by compromising IT systems and then moving laterally. Converged environments contain a mix of IT and OT devices and systems that demand a holistic approach to cybersecurity so that organizations can accurately manage, measure and reduce cybersecurity risk.

Enhancements include: