Fujitsu adds additional disaster recovery capabilities to ETERNUS Snapshot Manager

Published: Tuesday, 03 July 2018 07:44

Fujitsu has introduced the latest version of its ETERNUS Snapshot Manager (ESM). This software enables ‘near-instant’ disaster recovery and reliable business continuity through array-based snapshot and data replication of Fujitsu ETERNUS storage systems.

The new version adds disaster resilience to data protection by enabling it to replicate array-based snapshots to a second ETERNUS system. These snapshots can be stored on all-flash or hybrid systems, and the process can run either manually, or automatically when using an ETERNUS Storage Cluster. Recovery capabilities become more granular thanks to the creation of more frequent, more current copies of production data.

The system also provides guaranteed business continuity thanks to automatic transparent failover in Fujitsu ETERNUS Storage Cluster configurations.

Using a single Fujitsu ESM console to centralise and automate the management of application-aware, 'quick-fire' snapshots helps organizations simplify disaster recovery and can considerably speed up the restoration of data across physical, virtual and hyper-converged environments.

Thanks to simple, array-based licensing, Fujitsu ESM can be used to manage any number of snapshots, with no capacity limit, as the solution is flexible and intended to scale in line with changing backup requirements. Fujitsu ESM software also provides a cost-efficient approach for snapshot-based backup to disk, when combined with the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance.