ZeroDown Software announces release of Business Continuity as a Service for Microsoft Azure Stack

Published: Thursday, 19 July 2018 07:29

ZeroDown Software has announced the release of its Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS™) syndicated solution for Microsoft Azure Stack. ZeroDown's patented solution eliminates downtime migration risks, enabling IT organizations to move their applications and data safely and securely to both the Azure and Azure Stack platforms with full business assurance. The Azure Stack solution is designed to help organizations of any size or industry migrate applications with continuous uptime and no organizational disruptions.

The core function of ZeroDown's Business Continuity as a Service software is to enable all transactions, data exchanges, and other network activities to occur equally and simultaneously in real time across multiple sites or locations. All the servers are hot and all are active. There is no server hierarchy, and consequently no single point of failure. If one instance goes down, the others continue to function with no visible customer impacts. Since live transactions are being synched up continuously, the state of a transaction as it is processed is replicated in all protected locations thereby delivering an ongoing business continuity solution for customers seeking to deploy their applications to an Azure Stack environment.

ZeroDown's non-intrusive and agentless software comes in an easy to deploy and manage package that does not require any modifications to the customer's applications. Once deployed, the BCaaS solution can also be extended to address data sovereignty and compliance needs in areas such as healthcare and telecommunications; and, for customers in the federal government or financial services, ZeroDown Software is ideally suited to execute a 'no vendor lock-in' multi-cloud strategy designed to mitigate business risks.

The software is available on the Azure Marketplace