Powerwave 9250DPA launched: claimed to be the world’s most energy efficient uninterruptible power supply

Published: Tuesday, 18 September 2018 08:26

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited (UPSL) has launched the PowerWAVE 9250DPA, designed specifically for medium-sized critical power applications.

The PowerWAVE 9250DPA delivers module and system efficiency above 97 percent, significantly reducing typical power losses when compared with similar products currently available, according to the company.

The new UPS also supports ‘Xtra VFI’, which further minimises power consumption by intelligently configuring the number of modules required to support the current critical load requirements.

PowerWAVE 9250DPA supports the latest in lithium-ion battery technology, and the associated energy storage benefits of longer life, lower cooling costs, faster charge/discharge and smaller space and weight requirement. Peace of mind is also provided through the PowerWAVE 9250DPA’s ability to connect with UPSL’s hardware and battery-monitoring software to continuously safeguard your operation from any location. 

Designed with users in mind, the PowerWAVE 9250DPA continues UPSL’s development of DPA (Decentralised Paralleled Architecture) technology, with ‘hot-swappable’ modules that can be removed and replaced in minutes, without risking downtime. Front access for cabling provides another benefit, eliminating the need for extra space at the rear.