Comms365 Launches ‘Mega-Data’ SIMs: offers business continuity advantages

Published: Friday, 03 May 2019 08:00

Comms365 has released two new ‘Mega-Data’ products which will be available through the company’s partners. These are a 500GB and 1TB data bundle. Both options will enable high speed, large data backup to FTTC and Ethernet. The service is also a dependable Pre-Ethernet offering and is the ideal solution for those business customers that require a high-speed connection in poor fixed line areas, as well as those who require the ability to stream HD CCTV. 

With digital business transformation comes the dependence upon increasing volumes of data, combined with the need for network reliability, to ensure business continuity. The growing use of 4G and the cloud for business operations means that the importance of a network backup has never been greater. In the past, 4G has been perceived by some as an expensive solution for mobile data backup needs. From £75.00 per month, Comms365 is offering this latest solution at a highly competitive price, enabling healthy margins to be achieved by its partners.

Mike van Bunnens, Managing Director at Comms365, comments; “Many companies with high-speed primary Ethernet services worry about the cost of mobile data as a backup service. With Comms365’s new business grade Fixed IP ‘Mega-Data’ SIM options, businesses no longer need to worry about excess charges in the event their primary communications fail. We want every business to benefit from resilient connectivity regardless of size – this is now possible with our new solutions.”

The 500GB and 1TB SIMs are also customisable, giving customers the option to use the service with or without a fixed IP address, QoS or DDoS as standalone options and further upgrade options, such as extra data and additional IPs, are available as add-ons. As the service is also fully supported, customers can be sure that help is at hand should they need it.