New mobile learning game enables businesses to build a ‘human firewall’

Published: Thursday, 27 June 2019 08:32

Sponge has launched Cybersecurity Sorted, an engaging learning game which transforms cyber security training to make people a first line of defence for businesses. The new mobile game not only mitigates risk, but arms employees with the skills and confidence to build a ‘human firewall’.

Designed for workers in medium to large organizations across all industry sectors, Cybersecurity Sorted is a fast-paced game that instils desired behaviours in employees via built-in rewards and ongoing feedback.

Learners play the role of an IT apprentice tasked with fielding their colleagues’ cyber  security enquiries. Essential knowledge, such as how to identify different types of cyberattacks, is delivered in a memorable way to encourage long-term behaviour change.

Following the success of Sponge’s first off-the-shelf game, GDPR Sorted, launched in May 2018, Cybersecurity Sorted is the second in the ‘Sorted’ series of compliance training solutions offered by Europe’s largest custom digital learning provider.

Cybersecurity Sorted was created in conjunction with subject matter expert, BluescreenIT, a cyber security consultancy and IT training academy.

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