Venafi announces industry’s first no outages certificate guarantee

Published: Tuesday, 13 August 2019 08:34

Venafi has announced the launch of the first no-outage guarantee, which aims to completely eliminate certificate-related outages.

Eliminating certificate-related outages within complex, multi-tiered architectures can feel like an impossible effort. Multiple applications and devices often share certificates throughout security transaction processes and  machine-to-machine communications. In addition, ownership and control of these certificates often reside in different parts of the organization. These problems are exacerbated by the fact that most organizations have certificate renewal processes that are not reliable and are prone to human error. When combined, these factors can make outage prevention a complex process.

The new ‘No Outages Guarantee VIA Venafi’, is a fast, easy way to solve these problems. It blends the power of the Venafi Platform with the experience of trained experts and a step-by-step implementation plan that supports customizable business processes. By delivering the visibility, intelligence and automation required to solve the underlying people, process and technology issues that contribute to certificate-related outages, the No Outages Guarantee VIA Venafi delivers proven, repeatable outcomes at any scale.

“We’ve worked with hundreds of the world’s largest, most sophisticated brands and we know they have struggled to eliminate outages,” said Jeff Hudson, CEO of Venafi. “Nearly every company we’ve worked with has experienced an unexpected certificate expiration that breaks a critical business system. VIA Venafi is a fundamentally different approach that will completely prevent certificate-related outages.”