Groupdolists launches redesigned crisis management platform

Published: Friday, 18 October 2019 09:29

Groupdolists has announced the release of Groupdolists 2.0, a significantly simplified user interface and experience. Incident leaders and crisis response teams can now access the new Groupdolists Dashboard during a disruption to instantly understand what’s happening, what tasks need completion, and what activities or information need attention.

“Customer, prospect, and market feedback has always been the driving force behind how we prioritize improving our platform and leading the crisis management market,” says Michael J. Sher, Groupdolists Founder & CEO. “We continue to innovate and pride ourselves on streamlining better, faster, more intuitive experiences because every minute matters during unexpected disruptions. Organizations are using Groupdolists for tabletop drills and in real-life situations when coordinating their teams in response to cyber-attacks, data breaches, workplace violence, power outages, natural disasters, inclement weather, or other disruptions that threaten the safety and security of their employees, assets, brands, supply chains, and reputations.”

See a short video trailer showing the redesigned platform.