GardaWorld launches 2020 Global Travel Security and Kidnap & Maritime Piracy risk maps and reports

Published: Wednesday, 22 January 2020 09:46

GardaWorld has published its 2020 Travel Security Risk Map and Report as well as the 2020 Kidnap & Maritime Piracy Threat Forecast Map and Global Overview Report.

"We are happy to have gathered leading experts from GardaWorld's Crisis24 Global Operation Center to create the most comprehensive risk maps and reports in the risk management industry. These two much-anticipated risk maps feature risk ratings and expert analyses for more than 200 countries - including the most dangerous places in the world. We hope these complimentary GardaWorld risk management resources will help large corporations, emerging businesses and individuals travel and operate safely around this constantly changing world," said Gregoire Pinton, GardaWorld's Senior Vice President and Global Head for GardaWorld's travel security

The 2020 Global Travel Risk Map

This report provides vital information for businesses and individuals on key travel risks, including social and political unrest, natural disasters, and health issues. This resource highlights the six countries that are considered the hotspots for special risks in 2020, with accompanying analyses. The document includes a color-coded map to highlight security risk levels for more than 200 countries and regions.

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The 2020 Kidnap & Maritime Piracy Map and Report

This report helps businesses and organizations to anticipate and prepare for threats related to kidnap for ransom and maritime security. This resource highlights the five countries that are considered the hotspots for these specific risks in 2020, with accompanying analyses and in-depth commentary. This document equally offers a color-coded map, in order to easily identify different risk levels around the world in a bird's-eye view format.

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