New cloud desktop capabilities for business continuity and disaster recovery from Workspot

Published: Thursday, 19 March 2020 10:09

Workspot, a SaaS platform that enables IT organizations to deliver and manage cloud desktops anywhere in the world, has announced three new business continuity solutions. These include what is claimed to be the industry's first multi-region disaster recovery solution, new capabilities for cloud desktop backup and recovery, and a cloud-based disaster recovery solution for physical PCs.

Workspot's turnkey SaaS platform has always offered management and security benefits by centralizing user desktops securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud, thereby removing company data from endpoints which can be more easily compromised. Additionally, Workspot cloud desktops allow employees to work from any location and any device, which is crucial given the current business climate. With this latest product release, Workspot delivers three new options to further strengthen business continuity capabilities for enterprises:

One-click recovery: with Workspot's one-click disaster recovery solution, companies can ensure employees have access to cloud desktops pre-provisioned with the appropriate image and applications in the event they are unable to access their physical PC. These virtual desktops reside in the Azure cloud region of choice, but the customer does not pay for full usage until they're enabled. One-click activation by the in-house IT team offers the opportunity to significantly exceed recovery time objectives (RTO) for PC users.

Cloud desktop backup and recovery: with Workspot's cloud desktop backup, companies can now create one or more snapshots of each user's desktop in the same cloud region to enable rollback in the event of viruses, ransomware, patch errors or other issues. This capability can also be used to meet legal requirements for data/desktop state preservation for compliance or e-discovery purposes.

An industry first: with Workspot's multi-region resiliency companies now can keep an up-to-date cloud desktop backup in a separate cloud region, which can be turned on in a matter of minutes to ensure business continuity if their primary cloud region becomes unavailable for any reason.