Sitemark launches COVID-19 workplace hygiene system

Published: Thursday, 16 April 2020 08:13

Sitemark, the independent benchmarking service for the facilities management industry, has launched a workplace hygiene system in response to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. The system has been developed to enable businesses to maintain clean and hygienic buildings so that building users remain safe and healthy.

Unlike traditional cleaning specifications, which focus almost entirely on visual standards of cleanliness, this new system will help to identify and control those areas where additional hygiene standards are required. This will minimise the risk of workplace contamination for those key sites which are still occupied and will support those managing empty buildings as they gradually become reoccupied.

The essence of the system is to identify all areas of a building where the risk of contamination to building users is high, highlight them and then clean them at a frequency that is appropriate to the area they are in. This includes common areas, door handles, lifts and stairway railings.

The highly visual system positively drives the behaviours of building users, cleaning operatives and facilities managers, and is based on the use of 'High Intensity Touch Point' indicators. These will remind building users to wash their hands after passing through a high-risk area, and prompt cleaning staff to pay additional attention to deep cleans of these areas.

The programme is suitable for all types of sites, can be used in conjunction with an existing cleaning specification and can be adapted over time as building usage changes. Implementing the system is a simple three stage process:

Step 1: Categorise every area type within your building
Step 2: Determine the 'Touch Point' cleaning frequency for every area type
Step 3: Apply the 'Touch Point' indicators at appropriate locations.

The system can be self-managed or independently audited by Sitemark to demonstrate that 'best practice' is being met. It includes the provision of:

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