Polecat launches Risk Compass

Published: Thursday, 01 October 2015 10:30

Polecat Ltd, the risk intelligence analytics company, has launched Risk Compass, its unique digital analytics tool that allows any organization to track multiple assets, from suppliers to brands, for exposure to over 60 risk factors, from corruption to human rights abuse. 

Risk Compass delivers highly accessible, live dashboard visualizations that enable a company to view and interrogate the universe of unstructured online and social media data for risk-based associations with potentially thousands of corporate assets – in any language, in real-time, the world over. 

An introductory offer to Risk Compass is currently available. At £10k per annum, the offer allows up to 100 key assets to be tracked for risk-exposure across all English-language online and social media. Visualizations display risk profiles for the last 7 and last 60 days.