BackupAssist Classic v11 launches with cybercrime resilience developments

Published: Wednesday, 16 December 2020 10:13

BackupAssist has announced the general availability of BackupAssist Classic version 11. BackupAssist v11 includes critical enhancements across its CryptoSafeGuard ransomware solution, password protection, and S3 compatible destinations, as well as the introduction of its groundbreaking Cyber Black Box.

New features in BackupAssist Classic v11:

Cyber Black Box
Collects and stores logs and data that can serve as additional evidence in digital forensic investigations. This is important because after suffering a hacking incident or other security breach, businesses need to investigate the root vulnerability, remediate it, and possibly lodge a cyber insurance claim. The evidence provided by the Cyber Black Box can assist a business in submitting a cyber insurance claim, and recouping expenses resulting from customer notification, data restoration, and IT repairs, as well as associated legal fees. In addition, Cybercrime Forensic Investigators now have another tool that can help them to trace and prosecute cyber criminals, around the globe.

CryptoSafeGuard Enhancements
Expands shielding of protected files from ransomware to include BackupAssist configuration and Cyber Black Box forensic logs. This provides extra mitigations against ransomware from corrupting backup configuration files or attempts to sabotage the backups.

Password Protection and Administration Console
Allows the administrator to set additional administration console access passwords. This offers further mitigation against malicious actors attempting to sabotage backup data.

Support for S3 Compatible Cloud Storage for Offsite Backups
Provides additional options for where users can store backups in the cloud. This new feature makes it easy and affordable to backup to any/multiple cloud(s).