DRJ Academy launched to offer business continuity training services

Published: Wednesday, 27 January 2021 08:43

To help with the need to educate newcomers to the business continuity profession, the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) and Lambert Learning Institute have joined forces to launch the DRJ Academy, which will offer training services to those new to business continuity.

“It’s an idea that came out of a gap we’ve seen in our profession for many years,” said Bob Arnold, DRJ president. “Even though DRJ has many educational opportunities, there have been a lot of new practitioners entering the market who have no idea what they are doing starting out and no idea where to go for training.

“They are asked to handle this job and told ‘here, you’re our new business continuity practitioner.’ They can read our magazine or attend our conferences and weekly webinars, but there wasn’t a simple, entry-level program to quickly give people the fundamentals every business continuity professional must have.”

DRJ Academy’s first course is an online training program, designed to introduce all of the planning fundamentals, key skills, and processes to follow as an entry-level business continuity professional. The BC Primer course walks practitioners through the strategic and tactical process of launching a new BC program, restoring a broken program, or re-establishing an abandoned BC program.

“Our first task was finding someone who could produce this simple business continuity program in an effective way, and I think Lambert Learning Institute was the true logical choice,” said Arnold. Phil Lambert, MBCP, CBCP, brings 25 years of experience to DRJ Academy and years of teaching others within the industry.