Cyber security culture assessment tool launched by Infosec

Published: Thursday, 15 April 2021 09:40

Infosec, the cyber security education company, has released a new cyber security culture assessment tool. The Infosec IQ Cybersecurity Culture Survey introduces an actionable, scalable way to analyze and measure employee attitudes and perceptions towards security practices, policies, and training strategies across five cultural domains.

“Few metrics offer better insight into the effectiveness of your security awareness training program than your cyber security culture,” said Jack Koziol, Infosec CEO and founder. “However, it is also an extremely challenging metric to quantify and track over time. The new Infosec IQ Cybersecurity Culture Survey leverages the latest research into security culture assessment to help our clients show the impact of training beyond measurements like phishing click rates and training completion.” 

The Infosec IQ Cybersecurity Culture Survey collects employee feedback and scores organizations across these five domains: 

Infosec IQ program managers can administer the Cybersecurity Culture Survey as needed and use results to guide changes to cyber security policies, practices or training strategies. The tool generates scores across all five domains and provides recommendations for strengthening cyber security culture and improving scores in each domain.

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