Core Security introduces new ransomware simulator for cyber resilience testing

Published: Thursday, 14 July 2022 08:52

Core Security by HelpSystems has announced the addition of ransomware simulation to its penetration testing solution, Core Impact. Using an automated rapid pen test, Core Impact users can now efficiently simulate a ransomware attack. 

“Much like penetration testing, vulnerability management, and red teaming, ransomware simulation is an effective method of offensive (proactive) cyber security, helping organizations discover weaknesses before attackers find and exploit them,” said Mark Bell, Managing Director of Infrastructure Protection at HelpSystems. “Adding ransomware simulation not only further enhances and centralises the testing process, but helps employees better recognise ransomware infection methods. It can also uncover who is susceptible to these attacks, which can prompt additional training to teach employees how to be more vigilant before clicking another suspicious email. 

“With ransomware here to stay, this simulation process should be considered a cyber security essential,” said Bell. “The addition of ransomware simulation strengthens Core Impact’s reputation as an all-in-one solution, providing multiple types of pen tests across vectors and other integrations.”

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