Asigra Inc., has announced the general availability of Tigris Data Protection software with CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction). CDR offers advanced protection against deeply embedded malware.

The latest breed of ransomware embeds malicious code deep within content files that are often nested and zipped. Cybercriminals understand that antimalware can’t scan what it can’t see, so utilizing deeply embedded code allows them to evade antimalware. CDR, deconstructs supported files into its smallest components to determine if there is malicious code, macros, links, or executables embedded within. After filtering and quarantining the malware, CDR rebuilds the original file without the malware. The technology outperforms predictive detection-based methods by removing any potential payload threats embedded deep within each file. The new CDR functionality guarantees the integrity of the files by retaining file functionality and authenticity without the malicious code.

Asigra CDR is an industry-first for the backup space and includes the following capabilities: