Canadian government reports on current terrorism threats

Published: Tuesday, 30 August 2016 09:02

The ‘2016 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada’ has been published by Public Safety Canada. The report provides an overview of the terrorist threats faced by Canada.

Supporting the Government’s counter-terrorism measures is Canada’s National Terrorism Threat Level, which is described for the first time in this report. This tool helps government officials and law enforcement agencies identify risks and vulnerabilities and determine which measures to put in place to prevent or mitigate a violent act of terrorism. The current threat level remains at medium.

The report states that in 2015 and early 2016, the principal threat to Canada "remains that posed by violent extremists who could be inspired to carry out an attack. Violent extremist ideologies espoused by terrorist groups like Daesh and al-Qaida continue to appeal to certain individuals in Canada. Some individuals have engaged in terrorism-related activities such as promoting violence online, radicalizing peers, recruiting and fundraising. Others may consider travelling abroad to join a terrorist group or conducting terrorist attacks themselves."

Other groups also threaten Canadians and Canadian interests and the report names Hizballah as a specific example:

"Hizballah is an extremist group ideologically inspired by the Iranian Revolution of 1978-79 and supported by the Iranian state. It remains one of the world's most capable terrorist groups," states the report. "Hizballah has networks around the world, including in Canada, and uses the networks for recruitment, fundraising and procurement. Hizballah terrorist operations abroad represent a threat to Canadian interests."

Read the report.