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CERT looks at how to move from resilience to ‘prosilience’

The CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has set out a vision for organizations to move beyond standard resilience and to become ‘prosilient’.

Writing for the Division’s Insider Threat Blog, CERT author Summer Fowler states:

“Some organizations perform post-mortems or lessons-learned activities to identify what caused an issue, and they then work to fix errors made by people, processes, or technology. This is the action of a mature organization with resilient properties. However, emerging areas of technology have moved beyond the age-old steps of fail – investigate - fix to concepts of self-healing and artificial intelligence giving systems the IQ of an average four-year-old human. Don't we want our organizations to be at least as smart as this? So what comes after resilience? Haven't we ‘won’ if we can achieve our mission even in a degraded state during a disruptive event?”

Fowler goes on to say:

“I propose that we build operationally PROSILIENT organizations. If operational resilience, as we like to say, is risk management ‘all grown up,’ then prosilience is resilience with consciousness of environment, self-awareness, and the capacity to evolve. It is not about being able to operate through disruption, it is about anticipating disruption and adapting before it even occurs: a proactive version of resilience.”

“Nascent prosilient capabilities include exercises (tabletop or technical) that simulate how organizations would respond to a scenario. The goal, however, is to automate, expand, and perform continuous exercises based on real-world indicators rather than on scenarios.”

“Operational prosilience is not a state; it is an evolving set of characteristics and capabilities.”

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