Sri Lanka considers ‘area business continuity management plans’ for disaster prone regions

Published: Wednesday, 13 September 2017 12:30

The Sri Lankan government is considering encouraging public and private sector organizations to collaborate on ‘area business continuity management plans’ in areas of the country at high risk of natural disasters.

The idea was broached by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Disaster Management Secretary S. S. Miyanawala at a meeting organized by the Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management Sri Lanka (A-PAD).

A-PAD Country Director Firzan Hashim told the meeting that the strength of the private sector on the ground is huge, and businesses and local operations in disaster-prone areas could be used by the State’s regional disaster management centres. When a disaster occurs, local government capacity quickly becomes overwhelmed but this could be avoided if a district or divisional platform is in-place to optimise the support and resources of businesses in the area.