Renewable energy infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks says new report

Published: Thursday, 15 February 2018 09:25

Renewable energy technologies have established a significant role in the energy industry. Because of their prominence and growing importance to power supplies, it is vital for the industry to develop appropriate security, and specifically cyber security, strategies. A new report from energy sector experts, The Renewables Consulting Group, and cybersecurity specialists, Cylance Inc., provides insight into cyber security for the renewable energy industry, focusing on threat and impact assessment, and on measures to improve cyber protection.

Cyber security threats include ransomware, fileless attacks, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and Trojans. The security of a renewable energy asset can be broken down into two main components; physical security and cyber security. A successful cyber attack has the potential, not just to cause the loss of personal and commercial information, or cause damage to electronic resources, but also to damage a project’s physical assets through the forced maloperation of components, impact its finances by disrupting generation, or create national, or regional, energy security risks in the event of a large-scale grid blackouts.

The report makes the following cyber security recommendations for renewable energy technologies:

Read the ‘Cybersecurity in Renewable Energy Infrastructure’ report (registration required).