New Sydney strategy strengthens resilience through cooperation

Published: Tuesday, 31 July 2018 07:31

Sydney’s 33 metropolitan councils and 100 Resilient Cities have jointly unveiled ‘Resilient Sydney’, a city-wide resilience strategy for metropolitan Sydney which calls for business, government, academia, communities and individuals to cooperate and work together to improve both organizational and community resilience.

Resilient Sydney was developed by all 33 metropolitan councils in consultation with over 100 businesses, organizations and government bodies and is the result of two years of effort.

Beck Dawson, Chief Resilience Officer said, “Resilient Sydney marks a turning point for our city, where we now look beyond our boundaries and backyards to work together as one city. We’ve spent two years talking to more than 1,000 people from 100 organizations to identify actions we can do together to help us bounce back from shocks and reduce their likelihood. Our ability to survive, adapt and grow as a city is linked to the strength of connections between neighbours, businesses, councils and government entities. Every resident and organisation in Sydney has a role to play in making our city more resilient and it’s been incredible to work with so many different people to develop a strategy to help the city come together as one in bad times and in good.”

Resilient Sydney lays out five directions and 35 actions including one flagship action for each direction to build resilience in Sydney:

The full Resilient Sydney urban resilience strategy can be downloaded here: