Business Continuity Institute aims to establish a resilience alliance

Published: Tuesday, 23 October 2018 07:19

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) says that it is reaching out to other professional bodies around the world with the aim of establishing a ‘resilience alliance’. Writing in an article entitled ‘Has the time come for consolidation in the professional body sector?’, David West, Head of Communities for the BCI, set out some of the advantages for joint-working and other forms of consolidation between various professional bodies.  

Mr. West writes that the Business Continuity Institute is attempting to deal with this issue “by establishing a resilience alliance which aims to bring together all the professional bodies with an interest in the disciplines that contribute towards organisational resilience. The alliance will aim to formalise collaboration between the bodies involved, create greater awareness of the profession and make it easier for members to engage with their institute.”

Mr. West completed this article with a call to action, stating: “I urge all professional bodies to strategically analyse their position and explore whether consolidation with other bodies could really improve their position.”

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