INTERPOL discusses developing a global security network to protect against chemical terrorism

Published: Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:27

International experts working to counter the threat of chemical and explosive terrorism gathered recently to discuss the development of a comprehensive network to improve global chemical safety and security.

With increasingly sophisticated methods and technologies used to carry out devastating atrocities, the first Global Congress on Chemical Security and Emerging Threats convened to discuss ways of developing counter chemical and explosive terrorism by non-state actors and preventing access to chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, explosive precursors and other emerging chemical materials.

The three-day (29th – 31st October) conference was hosted at INTERPOL’s General Secretariat headquarters and was organized by INTERPOL, the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, in coordination with the G7 Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction.

The Global Congress emphasized how no single country or industry is immune to terrorism, nor can either effectively deal with chemical weapons and terrorism alone. Therefore, cooperation between all related stakeholders including governments, industries, scientific institutions, and international partners using a whole-of-society approach is required.