New EU rules aim to improve security of electricity supply in crisis situations

Published: Thursday, 06 December 2018 09:26

A new framework of rules on how to prevent, prepare for and manage electricity crisis situations will lead to better risk preparedness and strengthen the energy security pillar of the Energy Union. EU ambassadors have endorsed an agreement reached with the European Parliament on 22nd November on a regulation setting out these new rules.

Europe's electricity system is increasingly interconnected. As a result, the consequences of electricity crises sparked for example by extreme weather conditions, malicious attacks or a fuel shortage can easily extend beyond national borders. Under the new regulation, a common methodology to identify risks will be developed. The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity, ENTSO-E, will draw up regional crisis scenarios and identify the most relevant risks for each region. On the basis of both these regional and national electricity crisis scenarios, each member state will be required to draw up a risk-preparedness plan, including both national and regional measures. Close coordination between Member States and all those involved, as well as the provision of a template for the risk-preparedness plans, will ensure that the preparedness of Member States is harmonised as far as possible. At the same time there will be sufficient flexibility to enable Member States to take into account their own specific circumstances.

The framework will now be passed to the European Parliament for approval before final adoption by the Council, probably in spring 2019.

More details (PDF).