2019 Resilience Barometer report highlights scope for improvement in organizational resilience

Published: Tuesday, 29 January 2019 14:28

FTI Consulting has published its first Resilience Barometer report, which highlights how companies based in the G20 are managing organizational resilience. The report also looks at the key challenges these companies expect to face during 2019.

The Resilience Barometer highlights that the majority of companies have substantial scope for improvement when it comes to resilience, with an average resilience score of 40 points out of a top score of 100.

FTI Consulting says that “Such a relatively low level of resilience raises questions about how well companies are engaging with technological change, building trusted ecosystems among their stakeholder groups and proactively managing the possible unintended consequences of innovation in an interconnected digital age.”

The resilience score captures how well companies are prepared to deal with 18 scenarios which are most likely to negatively impact their turnover, value and reputation.

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