rescEU takes a step closer with European Council decision

Published: Monday, 11 March 2019 09:41

Plans to strengthen Europe's ability to deal with natural disasters through the creation of rescEU, a reserve at European level of civil protection capabilities, have taken a step forward after approval by the European Council.

Last week the Council adopted a decision to amend the EU civil protection mechanism to enable the setting-up of rescEU.

rescEU will include, in particular, aerial means to combat forest fires, as well as resources to respond to medical emergencies and to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear incidents. The decision will also strengthen the existing voluntary pool of national capacities.

Also under the new EU civil protection mechanism rules, risk prevention will be improved, by requiring member states to further develop their assessment of their risk management capability, and their risk management planning. Additionally, training and knowledge-sharing will be boosted and the European Commission will be tasked with establishing an EU civil protection knowledge network of those involved in civil protection and disaster management.

Next steps

The decision will be formally signed by the Council and the European Parliament this week. The signed text will then be published in the EU Official Journal and will enter into force the following day.

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