Advice for businesses on protecting properties from wildfire impacts

Published: Thursday, 01 August 2019 08:20

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty has teamed up with the Insurance Information Institute to provide businesses with advice to help safeguard their buildings and facilities from wildfires.

While there are several factors which lead to wildfires – humans (accidentally or purposefully), weather volatility and extreme conditions, including high temperatures, low humidity, strong winds and high fuel loads (vegetation and structures) – improved risk mitigation techniques can help reduce the frequency and severity of wildfires and their subsequent effects on businesses, large and small.

Some of the direct impacts from the effects of wildfires on businesses include:

According to Allianz and the Insurance Information Institute, business owners should take the following steps to safeguard employees and property from wildfire:

Business owners should further discuss with their insurance professional the following key points as it pertains to wildfire: