Resilience First publishes Guide to Emotional Resilience

Published: Thursday, 05 March 2020 10:21

Major incidents can create major stresses for those directly and indirectly affected, often lasting for years or lifetimes, and impact organizations and communities for generations. The issue of emotional resilience extends beyond the individual as that person operates as part of a larger community, especially at work. The business community can support the individual and, in return, the individual can support the community. To address this issue, Resilience First has published a Guide to Emotional Resilience.

The aim of the guide is to reflect the best practices that business communities can advance in order to improve the emotional resilience of their employees and others around them at work in advance of, and subsequent to, a traumatic experience (defined here as the loss of life or actual or threatened injury arising from major incidents or prolonged disruption).

The focus is on pre- and post-incident activities that are suitable for adaptive approaches by organizations, groups or communities. It includes practices and responses to routine stresses – as they are the bedrock of any collective response – but the guide concentrates on advice to organizations and businesses of whatever size.

Read the Guide to Emotional Resilience (PDF).