Trust, not surveillance, is the key to a successful and resilient home working environment

Published: Thursday, 16 April 2020 07:18

Businesses must implement a policy of trust rather than surveillance and monitoring when managing remote teams through the COVID-19 pandemic, according to insight from talent acquisition specialist, Guidant Global.

Research from Gallup revealed that 75 percent of employees resign because of their boss, not the job itself. This highlights how critical it is for business leaders to have good relationships with their people, and trust is fundamental to this. Smart businesses understand this, but a number of firms have adopted surveillance tactics and are increasingly monitoring their employees while they are working from home.

Guidant Global argues that these tactics can have adverse effects on employees, and in the long run, cause more damage to businesses. Instead, Guidant Global advises leaders to focus on effective communication during this difficult time to ensure employees are both motivated and productive.

Guidant Global says that the following measures can lead to more successful and resilient home working: