European Commission DRIVER+ project results promote crisis management innovation, capability building and networking

Published: Tuesday, 23 June 2020 09:24

A partnership of stakeholders has developed a set of free and open tools designed to accelerate innovation in the crisis management field. These outputs include a methodology and technical infrastructure to assess the added value of new socio-technical solutions in trial situations; an online catalogue of innovative solutions matching identified gaps; a networking platform for crisis management professionals; and a network of Centres of Expertise to support the community in the use of DRIVER+ outputs.

The DRIVER+ research project has played an important part in accelerating innovation in crisis and disaster risk management as part of the wider European Commission’s efforts to improve EU resiliency. Now completed, the legacy of the project is a powerful and diverse set of sustainable outputs for crisis management stakeholders, including practitioners, policy makers, scientific researchers and industry. These outputs were tested and developed in a series of four large-scale crisis scenario Trials and a Final Demonstration, the latter with the active participation of the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC):

For more information, to download reports or for details of the Trials and project outputs, visit the DRIVER+ website at or contact: